Some of us begin life challenged with insurmountable obstacles.

    Did you grow up in an impoverished environment? You will have to fight with double the energy and possess a strong belief that you can rise as far as you want through will power.

    Were you raised in a home where there was low academic achievement? Then your ambition has to be supremely high.

    Do you live in a community where you have limited access to role models to guide you? Then you will have to raise your opinion of yourself and dare to be great.

    From East LA to Houston’s North side. From La Villita to Washington Heights NY. We are people who have an unquenchable desire to reach higher and push past limits people set for us. We are people who possess within us the capacities for hard work, ambition, and many other qualities that ameliorate America’s image. We are fighters.

    Hi, I’m Eric Melchor, founder of Texican Grit, and I help professionals learn how to kick ass in their careers.

    After spending the last 15 years in corporate America reporting to Senior Directors, VPs and CEOs, I’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes for a young professional to fast track their career – and I want to help you do the same.


      Does any of this sound familiar?

      • “I really want to improve my social skills, but I get NERVOUS speaking to strangers and upper management.”

      • “I work hard at my job and am dedicated, but I STILL haven’t received a promotion.”

      • “I really want to make more money, but I HATE asking for a raise and negotiating.”

      If so, you’ve come to the right place.

      WHO AM I?


      For the past 5 years, Eric has spoken to hundreds of young professional on how to get ahead by sharing his story and the lessons he’s learned working in corporate America and starting a nonprofit.

        Some fun facts about Eric:

        • Eric is a first-generation college graduate and earned an MBA from Pace University in New York

        • A Houston 40 Under 40 honorable mention award winner

        • A Houston Tomorrow Catalyst Award Nominee which honors those whose actions improve the quality of life for Houston residents

        • Rated a red jalapeno on the hotness scale on Rate My Professor

        • Is a huge boxing fan (of course, soy Mexicano!)

        “Eric effectively delivered and touched on many key and useful tactics on how to navigate a salary negotiation. ”

        Daniela Flores

        Consultant, Sense Corp

        “I learned about a range of topics which included scheduling interviews, salary negotiation, first impression, and social media.”

        Jouel Gomez

        Newton, MA, Manager, Newton-Wellesley Hospital

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