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Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor
Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor
Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor
Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor
Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor
Hispanic Professional Speaker, Eric Melchor

Get Secret Job Finding Tips that Helped me Land a New Job in 30 Days

Good news: You don’t have to graduate from an Ivy League school to climb the ladder. Or be the smartest person in the room. Or a type-A personality. Or lucky.

In fact, you can set yourself on a path to a great career and higher income if you use the easy career growth strategies I speak about below.

Imagine this

How would your life change if you woke up knowing:

You boosted your salary 20-30% on your next job offer

You stood out (in a good way) among recruiters & hiring managers

Sr. Management saw you as Leadership Material

Never have to worry about “what do I say?” again

Not a pipedream. That’s managing your career effectively.

And you don’t have to spend years reading business books, attending leadership workshops, or trying to find a mentor to advance your career.

All that’s required of you is a willingness to think about managing your career in a different way than you’re probably used to.

Imagine this

In my workshops you’ll learn:

Earn More

How to take your money to the next level using simple and effective negotiation tactics

Career Mistakes

Learn why some careers soar and others stall

Social Skills

Learn the art of talking to anyone.

Imposter Syndrome

Everyone second guesses themselves. Learn strategies to overcome fear and doubt

Leadership Material

You won’t get far unless you can signal that you’re leadership material

Ace the Interview

Maximize the effectiveness of your interview and impress the interviewers

Who am I?

About Eric Melchor

Hi, I’m Eric Melchor. I’m the founder of the one-of-a-kind kids health program Fly Movement, and Marketing Director for a publicly traded company.

I’ve helped hundreds of young professionals live a wonderful career using psychology and real tactics that work in the real world.


A few testimonials:

“Eric effectively delivered and touched on many key and useful tactics on how to navigate a salary negotiation. ”

Daniela Flores

Consultant, Sense Corp

“His passion for career development & empowering others is infectious. “

David Gloria

Engagement Manager at the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement

“I learned about a range of topics which included scheduling interviews, salary negotiation, first impression, and social media.”

Jouel Gomez

Newton, MA, Manager,
Newton-Wellesley Hospital

“Eric manages to clearly transmit his message through the use of personal examples and provides simple tips that you can apply right away. ”

Veronica Martinez

Consultant, Sense Corp

Why I created Texican Grit

I started giving career advice to professionals because when I started out, I didn’t:

  • Go to an ivy league school..
  • Have a high GPA…
  • Have my college education paid for….
  • Score an internship…
  • Have a mentor…
  • Have a job automatically waiting for me when I graduated….

And after several years of FINALLY landing a job in an industry I wanted to work in…

My career plateaued.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying.

I just didn’t understand all the things that mattered if you desired to get ahead.

Abilities such as:

  • Being able to talk to anyone and communicate effectively
  • Being unafraid to take risk
  • Being able to demonstrate I’m leadership material
  • How to negotiate more effectively and boost my salary

But how?

Back in 2011 when I had successfully hit my targets for a 3rd year in a row and was a model employee at the company I was working at, I didn't get a promotion. This was a big turning point for me. I realized if I didn't learn how and why some individuals climb the ladder higher and faster, I'd end up being in the same job for years – unhappy, not making the kind of money I would like to, and clueless about how and why some individuals have careers that soar.

So I spent the next few years reading dozens of career management books I could find, watching countless personal development videos on Youtube, and observing other successful Directors, VP's and CEO's I worked with, and I finally developed my own philosophy on career growth.

I realized that when it comes to career management:

    • Most of us leave thousands of dollars on the table when we accept a new job (And I can teach you how to get that money with just a few easy steps)

    • No matter how hard your work ethic is or how dedicated you are to your job, this still won’t guarantee a promotion

    • When it comes to trying to land a new role, 80% of job openings aren’t posted online and an open role at a well known company gets on average 250 resumes

    • And lastly, a great career is only a small part of living a rich and fulfilled life

    What does a “wonderful career” look like to you?

    It's an honest question that you should spend some time really trying to answer. Everyone's “wonderful career” looks different.

    Here's what having a wonderful career means to me:

    Being able to help my mom save for retirement


    Travelling to exotic places like Dubai, Cartagena, and Florence – just because

    Affording beautiful clothes and dining at trendy restaurants

    What does managing your career and living a wonderful life mean to YOU?

    It's not just advancing your career that we're after. But managing our career is the first step toward creating a wonderful life.

    Nobody wants to spend all their time thinking about Managing their career.

    But we all want the experiences that getting ahead gives us: taking on new and challenging roles, being able to buy nice clothes and shoes, being able to travel to new and exciting places. And most of all, living up to our full potential while providing our family the opportunities and life they deserve.

      Get Secret Job Finding Tips that Helped me Land a New Job in 30 Days